Midterm Conference Reflection

I went to have my midterm conference on Monday, January 24 at 9:30. In the conference we discussed my past blogs, twitter essays, and the object description. First, I wanted to know if I had improvements on the blog, since I did not get the grade that I wanted on the first blog. I was pleased to know that we can resubmit any assignment for credit because I was not aware of that before the conference. I will definitely make use of that in the next few weeks to resubmit my twitter essays and first blog. Also, I learned that the Friday due date is not 100% percent necessary. I wish I had know this earlier because I was stressing out to turn in the blog on Friday; however, it is good to know that for the future, I do not have to worry about turning in the blog late.

One of the main things that I wanted to know when I went to the conference was if my object description was improved since the time that we went over it in class. We went over my object description draft in class and I did not do the assignment correctly, so I wanted to make sure that she could review it again before I submitted it. I was pleased to know that my draft turned out better than the last one.

Overall, I was happy that I had to do the midterm conference because I learned many things about the class that I was unaware and will make it easier as the semester goes on. Approaching the midterm date, I am happy with this information because I stressed myself out too much with the assignments in the first half of the semester. Moreover, in the next half of the semester, I hope not to stress myself out too much when it is not necessary.

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