Object Description/3D Model Reflection

Object Decription

I didn’t really understand the purpose when I first started this project because I really thought that no one reads object descriptions when looking on a website. However, what I think the purpose of this assignment was to begin noticing detail and being really descriptive with writing. The assignment forced me to put as much detail into such a small object and made me notice things that I would not have noticed if I was just holding and looking at it. I had to be aware of making the reader understand what part of the object that I was describing. Also, I had to be aware of every little detail of the object so that I could point out things that other people might not notice when looking at it. Overall, the object description made me aware of all the little details of the object and it made me aware that when I am writing other works, I need to be as descriptive as possible and include things that I did not notice before.


3D Model

The 3D model was much more difficult than I thought it would be–although I knew that it would be hard. The thing that I don’t like about depending on computers to make something for me is that I have little control of the final product. I can take one hundred pictures of something, but at the end of the day, it is up for the computer to put it together for me.

I took 148 pictures at the same area, so I just decided to use them all when creating my model using Agisoft because I figured that the odds of creating a higher quality model would increase with the more photos. The first attempt of creating the model literally took all class. From the start of class to the end I was importing pictures. Agisoft said that I had a huge number of matches, but when I was able to see the actual photo, I was met with disappointment. After over an hour of waiting, it was a black circle with the eagle on both sides of the belt buckle. I was really annoyed that it didn’t work out because I was so optimistic because it was taking so long. I think that my problem with my first attempt was that the object consisted of two sides, so I had to flip the belt buckle which must have messed up the calibration.

I was happy that I was able to use the 3D scanner on my second attempt because I did not want to go through the same disappointment again. Using the 3D scanner took little effort and produced much better results. I scanned it twice. The first scan was a low quality scan; however, once it was complete I realized that this would be much better compared to Agisoft. The second scan I did took about 15 minutes and produced a very good model of the object. The 3D scanner was much easier and efficient that Agisoft and I was pleased to use it.  When I will do my final model near the end of the semester, I will use the 3D scanner with a higher quality to create the best model possible.

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