Timeline Draft

November 6, 1860

Abraham Lincoln is elected as sixteenth president of the US


The Southern states began to succeed from the Union in this time.

April 12, 1861:

Fort Sumter is attacked by the Confederates, thus the war begins


1861-1865: Technology introduced in the Civil War

Many new technology are introduced around this time and are used in the war:

  • Rifles
  • Canon
  • Submarines
  • Hot-air Balloons
  • Telegraph
  • Railroads

Uniforms of the Confederate

The typical uniform of the Confederate soldier was a forage or slouch hat, gray or butternut wool shell jacket, gray, butternut, or blue trousers, and brogans. A haversack was used to carry personal items. Confederate soldiers usually traveled lighter than their Union counterparts; instead of a knapsack, they typically carried their bedding rolled in their blanket and slung across one shoulder.




Uniforms of the Union

The typical uniform of the Union soldier consisted of a blue forage cap with black leather visor (a Hardee hat is shown here), a dark blue sack coat (flannel), blue wool trousers, and leather brogans. He carried a knapsack, which contained half of a two-man tent, a groundsheet, an overcoat, and his personal effects. A rolled blanket was fastened with straps above the knapsack. A haversack carried rations.





1862: Belt Buckle Introduced

Belt made out of a pattern buff leather

USN Issue Blackened Buff Belt, Blackened Buff Sword Frog, and Japanned Iron Friction Buckle


January 1, 1863

Emancipation Proclamation is issues that “freed” all of the slaves

July 22, 1864 :Battle of Atlanta

General William Sherman successfully takes over the city of Atlanta, which is a major railway transportation hub for the South.

The Battle of Atlanta | Civil War Paintings | Pinterest

April 15, 1865

President Abraham Lincoln dies at 7:22am after being shot the evening before at Fords’ Theater in Washington. The assassin is well known actor and Southern sympathiser John Wilkes Booth who has escaped.

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