Why We Need things Things-1/11/17

In our discussion today we talked about material culture and how we identify ourselves with thing. Brown talks about material possessions and how we bring significance because what the object brings us.  One thing that is very important to me is my travel diaries that I used throughout my trips in various countries. The item is very important to me because it contains what I wrote on certain days and reminds me of certain memories that I experienced that I would have otherwise forgotten about. The object functions in my life because they are around my room and even when I look at the cover of the book, it reminds my of the experience that I had with it. It is not only about what I wrote in the pages, but the memory of the physical object brings joy and reminds me about certain memories that I had with it. The item in itself only consists of paper, but the memories that I had carrying it around and writing in it every day make it one of my most important items.


Another one of my important possessions in my classical guitar. This item is very important to me because not only because I love to play guitar, but it was given to me as a gift that was passed down in my family. The guitar gives me a lot of joy when I associate it with the memories that I have had with it. Also, the sound that comes from the guitar is very rich and beautiful that creates beautiful music. Like we discussed in class, the guitar is one of many of the same models, but once I played it day after day it because my guitar rather than just another guitar made in a factory. To me, the memories behind things give them importance, rather than the monetary value of the possessions.


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